Basic Websites & blogs with Wordpress


  • Pick from a range of ready to go themes
  • Simple intuitive administration system
  • Built on a reliable system that leaves you in control
  • Get a simple website or blog up and running quickly and easily.

    If you want to get on the web as quickly as possible, we'll build you one on the world's most popular, open source, web publishing system.

    Wordpress is easy to use and allows the webmaster (you) full control over site content and administration.

    A Wordpress project will suit you if you want an 'out of the box' solution website or blog and you do not want to invest much in design work. Do not choose if you want any rich functionality on your website.

    Example Wordpress Project - £150

    A basic package to get your web presence up and running could include;

  • Advice and support to help you register your website address and organise your web hosting
  • Fully installed Wordpress website
  • Your choice of theme implemented
  • Google Adwords and/or affiliate links to generate income
  • Software familiarization & support
  • Expanding the package

    Some design work and limited functionality can be added into this package, but more aspirational objectives will be better met by our "Websites with Infinite Possibility" package.

    Next Steps

    No two websites are the same so contact us to arrange a preliminary consultation