Web Design Development Process

A Development Process

  • Contact
  • Initial Consultation
  • Proposal / Plan
  • Agree & Start
  • Design & Implementation
  • Review & Publish
  • "The Future ???"


    The web design process contain the steps we need to take together, to deliver a website that meets your needs and aspirations. A collaborative approach is most likely to be successful so we will be working closely on this one! The reality of any creative process including the web design process is that it is always much more organic than can be expressed in a flow chart. But here are the basic steps

    First Contact Stage

    It's obvious but the first step is when we make first contact. If you need web design don't delay ... make contact by clicking this link right now.

    Initial Consultation Stage

    Next we will meet and discuss your web design requirements and talk about the opportunities a website could offer you. During this stage we will be finding out as much as possible about your business and the services you offer.

    This is also a chance to check out each other's vibe and see how we feel about working together.

    Proposal Stage

    Based on the information gathered during the initial consultation, you will receive a web development proposal. This proposal will include the following;

    • A summary of the web development project proposed.
    • A project timeline including a payment schedule.
    • A detailed proposal of the website including the overarching design concept, a site map and descriptions of functionality.
    • Proposed web marketing activities as appropriate.
    • A cost analysis showing a breakdown of the quoted price as a basis for finalising the scope of the project.
    • Other factors such as domain registration, hosting and maintenance.

    Agree & Start

    Once we have finalised the proposal between us you confirm your acceptance and pay an initial deposit to initiate the next stage

    Design & Implementation

    The design and implementation stage is iterative and you will be a part of this creativity. Your review of the design and functionality along with your feedback is a vital part of ensuring you get what you want. This stage may also facilitate a certain amount of skills transfer so you can become your own web-master. By the end of these processes, you will have a live website that does what you expect.

    Review & Publish

    Review actually takes place all the way through but at some point we will decide that the objectives have all been met and that the new site is 'good to go'. At this point the site goes live