About Us

Michael Hanby

Glastonbury-website-design.co.uk consists of a loose collective of Internet professionals . Michael Hanby is the ringleader.

Michael has been working with various freelance colleagues doing web design and online marketing since 2007. Since then he has discovered two things;

  1. He really enjoy working on websites with others.
  2. He's become quite good at it

Developing websites for other people and organisations is something Michael is passionate about. He may be able to use his experience and expertise to help deliver your website project.

After all he not only has a track record of success. Experience has provided a network of proven IT professionals who he knows can be relied upon for hosting, online marketing campaign management, search engine optimisation and other web services.

And on top of that, he has the experience of actually running fast growing Internet businesses. This means he understand that your website is just a part of your business and needs to fit in with the other parts including sales, bookings, dispatch or customer service for example.

So if you have a web design idea, big or small, and you want to work with experienced, successful professionals, why not get in touch for a chat.